Revolutionary Sales Presenter

Revolutionary Sales Presenter.

Rentokill App On Tablet And Mobile


Business Services


iOS, Android


ASP.NET Web Forms, Microsoft SQL Server, jQuery, Web Services (SOAP), Adobe Edge, iOS, Android



Insight into the project.

Rentokil Initial is a global organisation and a household brand. As a result of its exponential growth, ensuring knowledge and company quality standards across all staff had become increasingly more challenging. The concept of an online Sales Presenter was notioned for all Rentokil staff. The app had to function on all smart phone and tablet devices as it would be mainly used by field operatives when liaising with clients.

The opportunity.

A multi-language application was commissioned to be used on tablet and smartphone devices. A number of focus groups consisting of Rentokil staff from across the globe help to shape the app; field operatives who would ultimately use the software ensured that all the necessary user requirements were gathered. Once developed the solution was responsive as standard, incorporating the latest Adobe Edge software to provide immersive, interactive user experiences when viewing floor plans for various buildings.

Rentokil Pest Control
Rentokill App On Tablet

Overall impact.

The solution provided invaluable assistance to the field operatives as well as educate new employees of Rentokil. Improving the service at the point of sale has significantly increased conversions and ultimately revenue. The Multi-language aspect to the solution meant that although the initial version was rolled out in English, the scope was available to take it to the other European countries as required. The solution has now been adapted by Rentokil in 23 countries and counting..

"Rentokil have worked together with Boxmodel for many years, where they have built and continue to support a variety of software applications. They have always been and continue to be a pleasure to work with"

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