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Internal Insights Platform.

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Insight into the project.

OCO is a global trade investment company, having worked with thousands of private and public sector organisations for nearly 20 years. Their many financial services include consulting, market support and trade research – so reliable and coherent information is paramount. With the vast amount of info and data sources available across the globe, OCO looked to centralise and streamline some of their best practices while providing a personalised service to existing and new users, with a networking twist.

The opportunity.

We identified key ideas through collaboration and provided the opportunity to turn these into reality. From targeted news bulletins through to accessing decades of trading data, Boxmodel was able to tie together the varied aspects seamlessly and build a cutting-edge platform that connects global information in just a few clicks. We also used the latest Microsoft technology stack to make sure the corporate-scale solution was able to handle the inevitable growth and enable robust integration with other services.

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OCO Connect On Tablet

Overall impact.

The result is an impressive dashboard in which the user recognises personalisation instantly; through registration preferences, they are presented with OCO articles, targeted trade insights and the most relevant news from across the globe. When diving into existing world trade data they will get to compare tonnes of information wired into sleek charts - with no tech knowledge needed. Coupled with a Content Management System able to fine-tune user experiences, the tool is a daily go-to for anyone in the trade industry.

"We partnered with Boxmodel in the development of an MVP, which we hope will evolve into a significant commercial product in our business. Right through the process, from helping us define and prioritise initial requirements, translating into creative design and technical solutions, and building the MVP itself, the team were collaborative and tenacious in delivering the work. What sets Boxmodel apart is their open and transparent working style which meant we always knew we were in the process and were able to be flexible as the process evolved I'd happily recommend Alan and his team, and hope to work together in the future"


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