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Insight into the project.

Having worked with Unison and The Exams Office from an educational perspective, we were introduced to the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ). The JCQ provides a single voice for its members on issues of examination administration and, when appropriate, qualification and wider education policy. They had historically provided their members with hard copy documentation, produced on a yearly basis and distributed and delivered to each member. They felt there was an opportunity to digitise this offering, which would enable them to establish positive economical and environmental impacts.

The opportunity.

To move from a hard copy offering to a digital one, on the face of it, would seem to be your typical digital transformation project. After understanding what the JCQ wanted to achieve, through our typical workshops and discovery sessions, we knew the complexities of what had to be achieved. One of the greatest challenges was not a technical one, more of how we dealt with a mindset change and a potential “resistance to change. This move to a digital offering was a massive shift in mentality for the JCQ members. We did however reassure them by constantly keeping them up-to-date and documenting how the change would be achieved and how the platform would work. The platform would allow each member to personalise their own documentation, allowing them to add the pages they wanted, highlighting words/phrases and paragraphs, plus allowing them to add comments throughout. As well as storing this personalised document online, they could download it as a PDF, whilst maintaining all of their personalisation. And to those that still needed a printed copy, they could then print as they saw fit, giving them the best of both worlds.

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JCQ Exam Resource On Tablet

Overall impact.

The impact was seen from both the JCQ and their members. From the JCQ point of view, they could see two very positive impacts, from a commercial and environmental point of view. There was a natural yearly saving of not having to deliver all documentation in hard copy to each of their members. Additionally, from an environmental perspective, they were not having to print thousands and thousands of pieces of documentation and getting them delivered. The solution brought the JCQ firmly into the digital age, by developing a digital platform that enabled them to support their members in exactly the same way, but also aiding the organisation from a commercial and environmental point of view. The members now had a digital document management system that allowed them to personalise documentation their way, and ensure they were using the best of technology for themselves and the organisation.

"JCQ and its awarding body Members worked with Boxmodel in 2018/19 to develop interactive guidance for schools and colleges. Boxmodel worked hard to develop the concept and the subsequent online solution and delivered it on time and to budget. JCQ continues to have an excellent working relationship with Boxmodel"

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