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Insight into the project.

The International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators - IAATO is a member organization founded in 1991 to advocate and promote the practice of safe and environmentally responsible private-sector travel to the Antarctic. After initially being introduced to each other to have a conversation regarding their website, it soon became apparent our software engineering skill set would be better suited to reviewing their existing database platform that underpinned a variety of their operational activities, which included elements such as the Ship Scheduler, Member and Vessel Directory, Expeditions / Post-Visit Reports, Dues and Fees, End of Season Reports (EOS) and Reporting. There was also a need to streamline their invoicing workflow by using integration with Quickbooks.

The opportunity.

IAATO had built and therefore relied on a system for over 20+ years. The system was now deemed somewhat of a legacy system that needed to be brought up to date, with added functionality, streamlined workflow, enhanced administration management and improved user experience for its members. Parts of the system were not fit for purpose and caused operational issues, especially when looking to support their members and how their members interact with the organisation. A new digital offering was planned and felt to be the best way forward to support the organisation but more importantly their members.

Overall impact.

The impact of the new platform has been felt throughout, not just by IAATO administrators themselves but also by their members, because of the improved workflow. Certain aspects of the system directly affected the way members interacted with the organisation. One of the biggest impacts was the improved Ship Scheduler. Previously, this was a very labour intensive, somewhat manual process, that proved quite chaotic in the weeks leading up to how each member had to schedule their travel plans and embarkation/disembarkation scheduling around the Antarctic. This moved to a more digital offering, whereby all members were online to plan, schedule and even swap plans to enable them to plot their entire itinerary for their travels around the Antarctic. This is only one phase of the continuous development and improvement of the platform as a whole.

"We have worked with IAATO for over 3 years, initially to help them upgrade an internal legacy system, but more recently to continuously innovate their software offering for their members. Being a member organisation, it is of paramount importance to continuously provide innovative solutions. As a partnership, we look forward to working with IAATO for many years to come"

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