Intelligent Event Manager

Intelligent Event Manager.

Hyudai Booking System In Ipad




iOS, Web


Xamarin, C#, MSSQL, CSS3, HTML5



Insight into the project.

Fusion 2K are an events management company based out of Bedford, covering the UK and mainland Europe. They have been providing innovative solutions to B2B and B2C clients, particularly around the automotive industries. One client in particular, Hyundai, needed a more efficient and automated way for them to capture the details of interested parties attending events that Fusion has organised. They needed to move away from the traditional manual means of recording data, into a more digital and streamlined workflow, that empowered them to react far quicker than usual.

The opportunity.

Working with our partners Fusion 2K, we scoped a website and native application to handle bookings via the web, but then also used a native application for customer management and test drive bookings on the day. A dedicated iOS iPad application was developed, with the ability to be used in either online or offline mode, depending on the coverage at the event. This was tied into the live data and updated in real time by the event ambassadors. It allowed for full event management and speed of administration.

Hyundai Santa Fe
Hyundai Booking System In Ipad

Overall impact.

The purpose of this application was to solve a very paper-based system of management of these events. The necessity for this type of online automation allowed for the streamlining of the overall process itself and ultimately the more efficient running of the events. With automation comes better reporting and the client was able to pull full customer reports from the system within hours of the event being completed. All historical data was also available, so analysis could be performed to ensure each event built on the success of the last.

"Fusion and Boxmodel have worked together for must be getting on for 10 years now, and both companies have experienced strong growth in that time. We wouldn't have continued to do business with them for 10 years if there were issues. They are a solid team of hardworking people who are exceptional at what they do"

Operations Director


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