About boxmodel.

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Founded in 2009, we've worked hard to partner with brands & transform ideas into business solutions.

We have the privilege of working with forward-thinking companies looking to improve their business from a design and technology perspective, all of which we are proud of.

Homegrown service, global thinking.

Our core team is based in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, UK. We’re proud to say our partners come to us from all over the world.

We see ourselves offering an end-to-end service, be it remote or in person. Our techniques are the same regardless, thanks to our streamlined working process.

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We partner with ambitious brands, big and small.

Airbus - We worked as their development partner in the delivery of a solution to support Emergency services.


Rentokil - We partnered to deliver a multi-lingual portable Sales Presenter tool for all Rentokil staff.

Business Services

Newcastle University - We have a 5+ years ongoing partnership to help build various bespoke softwares.


GMI - We launched a mobile- first gas leak detection tool to aid field operatives on big data visualisation.

Oil & Gas

Johnson Matthey - We crafted a bespoke solution to analyse and record both liquid and solid samples.

Oil & Gas

MTrec - We worked closely to develop an online recruitment and training service for job candidates.


RED Driving School - We built a native iOS & Android app for learner drivers and their instructors.


Renault - We developed a digital platform to handle customer test drive bookings either in person or online.


Hyundai - We built a native iPad application to capture sales leads at automotive events.


Newcastle International - We developed an interactive 3D map to assist passengers around the all-new terminal.


Unison - We have a 7+ year partnership developing their Skills For Schools service since its original launch.


Royal IHC - We have partnered for a number of years on various bespoke softwares for digital training purposes.


HomeServe - We work to maintain their Survey Application Platform, both native app and .Net backend.

Support Services

JN Bentley - We have worked as their technology partner, building and maintaining various platforms.


Acritas - We developed a web portal that provided data analytics and reports whilst integrating with SalesForce.


OCO Global - We partnered to develop an online portal for news and insights, supported with data visualisation.

Intl. Trade & Investment

Ampetronic - We launched a BLE system prototype to control and manage the broadcast of audio sources.


Marlowe PLC - We’re working together maintaining and integrating several internal systems.


XACT PCB - We developed an API driven CAD/CAM app to aid in the production of printed circuit boards.


Veriton Pharmaceuticals - We launched a Native app for parents, carers and sufferers of epilepsy to log seizures.